How to Make Out of This World Ice Cream

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    How to Make Out of This World Ice Cream

    Have you ever had ice cream that just really knocked your socks off? Creamy, smooth, rich but not too rich—the kind of ice cream you just can’t stop thinking about? We’ve been there. Truly amazing ice cream is like nothing else, but it can be hard to find. And when you do find it, it can definitely be pricey.

    What if we told you that you can make amazing, knock-your-socks-off ice cream right at home?

    In this course, amateur ice cream makers and enthusiasts Alex and Sarah walk you step-by-step through the process of making a simple sweet cream ice cream. Once you’ve learned the basics, we’ll teach you how to adapt that recipe to make a variety of outstanding flavors. You’ll learn techniques for making your homemade ice cream pop with flavor and texture.

    These skills are simple enough for a beginner to master, but don’t be fooled—the ice cream you’ll make is anything but ordinary.

    We’ll also explore our favorite resources (and a printable cookbook we’ve prepared just for you) and discuss how to use them to gain the confidence you need to make any ice cream you could imagine! If ice cream is your love language, this is the course for you!

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone who loves ice cream!

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