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    How to Open an Ice Cream Business

    Launch Your Ice Cream Shop Successfully (Beginner Course)

    *Includes a Fully Editable Ice Cream Shop Business Plan Template + Exercise Worksheets!

    Every day, aspiring ice cream business owners like you take their first big step toward opening their dream business. And we’re right there with them!

    If you want to learn how to open an ice cream business, you’re at the right place!

    We’ve seen strong growth in the demand for authentic and artisanal ice cream throughout the country. This means that opening an ice cream shop can be profitable when it is planned right.

    You’ll Gain the Confidence to Move Forward with Your Dream Business

    We aim to help every aspiring ice cream business owner open a successful business with this exclusive Udemy course.

    Being an ice cream business owner can be challenging. Beyond prepping and serving delicious ice cream (or yogurt!), you must think about managing people and inventory, understanding budgets, hiring and firing employees, and training employees.

    There is never a dull moment – and you need to be prepared!

    Unfortunately, many ice cream business owners fail because they ignore or underestimate the demand of their business. As a result, they fall victim to being overwhelmed.

    If you plan to open an ice cream business, you will want to be better prepared to negotiate a good property lease and be ready for when things go wrong. And you will need to be smart about your price points and how you manage customers. Finally, you must do everything possible to avoid making the biggest, most common mistakes that can bleed money and doom your business.

    By taking this exclusive course, you’ll become familiar with essential topics necessary for your ice cream business’ success.

    30 Must-Watch Lectures

    • Topics covered in this course include:
    • How to Prepare to Open Your Ice Cream Business
    • How to Develop Your Ice Cream Shop Concept
    • Choosing Your Unique Sales Proposition
    • Determine Your Target Market
    • How to Determine Your Ice Cream Shop Menu
    • Choosing Your Ice Cream Shop Business Structure
    • Determining Your Ice Cream Shop Costs
    • Paying for Your Ice Cream Shop
    • Accounting Methods
    • Setting up Your Financial Projections and Estimates
    • Exploring Buying an Existing Ice Cream Business Shop or Starting From Scratch
    • Searching for an Ice Cream Shop for Sale
    • Should you open an Ice Cream franchise?
    • Choosing the Best Location to Open an Ice Cream Shop
    • Elements of Your Property Lease You Need to Know
    • How Much Should You Pay in Rent?
    • Navigating Your Health Department
    • Working With Vendors
    • Hiring and Training Your Employees
    • How to Prepare for Your Grand Opening
    • How to be a Successful Ice Cream Business Shop Owner

    Your Ice Cream Shop Business Plan: We offer an ice cream shop business plan template and spend two lessons covering what is typically in most ice cream shop business plans. Our template is an excellent guide to creating your personalized business plan and should save you dozens of hours.

    ** HOWEVER, This course is not a “How to Write a Business Plan” Course.

    A Truly In-Depth Beginner’s Course.

    Note: This is an in-depth beginner’s course! We primarily focus on brick-and-mortar ice cream businesses. However, you can apply much of the information to mobile ice cream businesses.

    This course is in American English and is typically for the U.S. market.

    What We Don’t Cover In this Business Course:

    • How to Make Ice Cream
    • How to Write a Business Plan
    • How to Create a Logo

    Who this course is for:

    • Beginner Level: No prior experience needed.
    • Course is in English (Primarily for the American Market)
    • This is not a “How to Write a Business Plan” Course
    • Is Not a “How to Start a Creamery Business”
    • Is Not a “How to Make Ice Cream”

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