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    Modern Ice Cream cakes

    Chef Lim is an award winning In house Executive Pastry chef in APCA Malaysia who have curated this program for APCA chef online. this Program covers some advance level of Ice Cream and Ice Cream cakes. All the Ice Cream and Entremet are composition of different components and finally give a great taste and texture.

    This program is suitable for everybody as the entire program can be easily followed in a pastry kitchen. Students can also use this recipe and techniques to make their own version. Kindly understand that any recipe cannot be just followed as the acidity, sugar content, Fat content and water content which actually make the difference in the products need to be respected.

    APCA CHEF ONLINEĀ is a platform digitalizing all its professional programs of Pastry & Culinary programs which allows you to explore all the recipes by APCA renowned chefs, in a step by step structured way.

    Conducted by our Inhouse Pastry & Culinary chefs, World Pastry champions, Asia Pastry Champions and Master chefs, you may learn from some of the best chefs all in one website!

    This program consists of multiple levels, designed to suit the needs of professionals, teachers, students, home bakers and enthusiasts.

    All the recipe in the Program covers a lots of sub recipes which include the base which could be sponge or biscuits, Crisp, Cream , Jelly, Graze and the final touch of Garnishes, which could be fruits or chocolate garnishes.

    This topic cover following program –

    • Chocolate Grand Marnier
    • Exotic Summer
    • La Mandarin
    • Pina Colada
    • Raspberry Pistachio

    Who this course is for:

    • This program is suitable for students, Teachers and Professional Pastry chefs

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